Used Genuine German BUND Military Issue Shovel

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BUND Original Tri-fold Shovel w/case, NSN 5120-12-173-5474

This genuine military issue tri-fold shovel was robustly designed for and issued to the Bundeswehr (BUND) translated as the German Armed Forces, built to exact NATO specifications.  Made from steel entirely, giving them a solid, durable construction that will last for years to come. 

Known as a tri-fold shovel, it can be folded into three sections which can be freely positioned for different applications, or folded into its own rubberized compact carrying case.  It can be locked straight out at 180 degrees to be used as a shovel or locked at 90 degrees and used as a pick. To lock the blade, simply unfold the shovel to the desired angle and twist the rotating cylinder located on the handle. This will lock both the blade and the handle in place.  Additionally, equipped with 2 serrated edges for sawing-like motions and slicing. 

It comes with a rubber olive drab carrying case, or “e-tool” pouch, made of heavy-duty, plasticized rubber, which does well to protect the shovel when not in use.  It is designed to carry the shovel in its folded state and measures just less than 10 inches by 7 inches that is small enough to fit easily into any survival pack.  It also features dual A.L.I.C.E. (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) clips to attach the pouch or fasten it to your pack or web gear. 

Most of the shovels have the “BUND” on the handle and NSN number on the blade (NATO NSN number has a 12 as the country code which also indicates Germany).  Weighing in at an extremely manageable 2.5 pounds excluding case.  At a full extension, the shovel measures approximately 23 inches long and 6 inches wide.  However, when folded, the shovel measures an astonishing 9 inches long and 6 inches wide, which provides for easy storage in just about any location.  A compact size makes it an ideal addition to any survival pack or toss it in your van and be prepared.


Weight:    1340g including case

Size:        23'' x 6'' unfolded; 10'' x 7'' in case

Material:  High carbon steel (blade)

Case:       ABS

Color:      Olive Drab

Made in Germany

Used condition with scrapes and dents. Pictures of shovel represent the worst condition shovel you will receive.