The Ultimate Prepper's Survival Handbook

Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Staying Alive and Surviving in Emergencies and Extreme Conditions 

You will learn the following in this E-Book

  • Discover What Nutritious Foods You Need To Stock Up On and What Foods You Should NOT Store

  • Learn Water Storage and Water Purification Techniques to Ensure You Never Run Out

  • How to AVOID the Common Mistakes Most Preppers Make!

  • Tips to Creating a Shelter That Can Weather Any Storm

  • Understanding the Importance and Power of Self-Defense Strategies

  • Financial Preparedness: How Much Money Do You Actually Need?

  • What You MUST Have in a First Aid Kit and Basic First Aid Skills

  • Dealing with Depression and Weariness

  • Transportation Tips: How to Survive On the Move

  • And Much, Much More!