Survival General 12 Piece Mini Pocket Tin Can Survival Kit

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Basic Tin Can Survival Kit 1.0

  • This Survival Kit has what you need to help enhance your chance of survival! Tools will help to provide Water, Food, Fire and Shelter
  • Compact and Light Weight: Tin measures 3.9” X 2.5” and weighs approx. 4.7 oz, for easy Everyday Carry (EDC), Bug Out Bags (BOB) or can easily be stored in your car, office, home and backpacks
  • Great for emergency situations, camping, biking, hunting, hiking, fishing, and more!
  • Has over 12 essential survival tools
  • Great for Bug out Bags, Office, Car, Home

Using this tin kit provides you with the tools to start a fire to stay warm, cook your food, build a shelter, hold water, catch small game (provide food), go fishing, navigate, light for the dark, open a can, write a note, protect yourself and signal for help.

1-Tin Can 3.9" by 2.5"- use as a reflective mirror to signal for help and to cook your food

2-Candle- for light and fire

3-Magnesium and Starter/Striker w/ WHISTLE and cord- Magnesium to help start a fire, Striker to start a spark and can be used to cut things. The striker has a black coat to help prevent corrosion. Once the black coat is removed you will have plenty of sparks! For first-time use, stripping the protective layer of paint from the striker before starting your fire will help produce the best results.

4-Wire Saw- used to cut wood for a fire or a makeshift snare

5- 11-in-1 Multi-Tool w/ Sheath-(1) Saw Blade,(2) Butterfly Screw Wrench,(3) Can Opener,(4) Knife Edge,(5) Bottle Cap Opener,(6) Slotted Screwdriver,(7) Ruler,(8) 4 Position Wrench,(9) Direction Ancillary Wrench,(10) 2 Position Wrench,(11) Key-chain Hole

6- Reclosable 5"x 4" Bag- Waterproofs whatever you put in the bag and can also be used to transport freshwater

7-Compass -Navigation

8-P38 Shelby Can Opener- open cans, use as a knife, Phillips and Flathead screwdriver

9-Safety Pin- Use as hooks, traps, 1st aid, and sewing

10-Blank Paper-Use for writing a note, or to help start fires

11-Wood Lead Pencil (color may vary)- For writing and wood can be used to help start fires

12-Flashlight with Key Ring-See in the dark and signaling

13-12" of wrapped Electrical Tape to Waterproof Tin- Waterproof your tin kin by wrapping around the tin. Can also be used as a bandage and to start fires

14-Thick Rubber Band-  The Rubber Thick band helps to secure the tin kit. Also, used as fire fuel.

This tin kit is loaded with tons of stuff.