Rukapol Austria Grube-Forst Eiger Brown Logger Boots Steel Toe Leather Work 44


This is for 1 (ONE) Pair of Boots

Made in Austria by Rukapol. Style Grube-Forst


The size appears to be Euro 44. I wear a 10.5 and they fit loosely. It appears to more like a US 11 Size

Inside of boot reads, 
"Rukapol Austria CE 98 44 S2 12 2853 EN 345:1992 401". 

Features-Steel Cut Toes. Eiger Sole. 10 Lace Eyelets. Leather

Appears to be in good condition. An easy polish will make these look really nice. Good soles. Appears to be no cuts or rips. 

See photo for details.