5-in-1 Paracord Bracelet

5-in-1 Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet with Flint, Whistle, Compass, and Scraper

Color- Black 

Size- 9’’ Fits Wrists Measured 8 to 8.5 inches. Which gives you approx. 10’ of paracord

Weighs- Ultralight Weight Weighing in at Just Over 1 oz. 

This paracord survival bracelet is a great essential for all your camping, hiking, hunting, boating, and outdoor activities. This paracord bracelet is lightweight, easy to carry, and makes a great fashion piece to add to your everyday carry [EDC].

By wearing the Paracord survival bracelet helps your survival chances by providing basic survival essentials that are conveniently available to you at all times

This Stylish Bracelet Paracord Features:

  1. Flint / Fire Starter: this helps start fires, which allows you to stay warm, cook your food, filter water, help keep away large animals, and create a smoke signal for day or fire signal night to help be found
  2. Scraper: Can be removed from the paracord bracelet. Use the flint to create sparks to help start a fire. Can also be used as a makeshift cutter.
  3. Compass: to help you find your direction. Oil in the compass can be used to help start fires.
  4. Whistle: Used for signaling help and to scare animals away
  5. Paracord- This paracord bracelet is made of approx. 10’ of military 550 types 7 strand paracord. You can use the paracord to help create shelter, secure, and tie things down. The 7 inner strands can be used for sewing, creating snares, help start fires, and fishing line