Survival General

Emergency 4oz Water Packets

Emergency Purified Drinking Water Packets (4.227 FL. OZ.) 

Made in the U.S.A. 
Approvals: U.S. Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and Lloyd's Register Type
Great for Bug-Out-Bags, Survival Kits, and Disaster Preparations
Info on Back of Packet: 
Contents: 4.227 FL OZ. 
Directions For Use:
First 24 hours do not drink any water, only if injured or sick. Thereafter use 2 bags per person per day.
Avoid conditions which cause sweating or increased thirst.
Discard bag if air or water escapes when squeezed, or mfg. date exceeds 5 years.
Use SOS Food Ration to obtain lowest body water requirement
Available in quantities of 1,8, 10, & 14!