5Pc- 8" Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Brass Bristles Air Passages, Fluid Nozzles

5PC- 8" Spray Gun Brass Bristles Cleaning Kit TC5B Spray Gun Cleaning Kit (5 PCS.) is ideal for cleaning spray guns, airbrushes, nozzles, thin tubes, pipes, polishing jewelry, removing rust and paint, and more. You can also use them for automotive care, home, hobby, and more. The shape of the brush is great for cleaning thin curves, and nooks and crannies. • Brass Bristles • 8" Stainless Steel Handle • 2" Long Bristles • Bristle Head Sizes: - 1 Pc 12mm Diameter - 1 Pc 11mm Diameter - 1Pc 10mm Diameter - 1Pc 9mm Diameter - 1Pc 8mm Diameter • Great for Cleaning Spray Guns, Air Passages, Fluid Nozzles etc

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