(12) SOS Emergency Purified Drinking Water Packets - 3 Day/72 Hour Supply

SOS Emergency Water Packets - 3 Day/72 Hour Supply (4.227 fl Oz/125 ml)

12 Packets of 4.227 oz of purified and bacteria-free water.


S.O.S Emergency Drinking Water Packets, Pack of 12. Packets each contain 4.227 fl Oz/125 ml of lifesaving purified water for use in emergency and rationed survival situations. Purified and bacteria-free water products.

Ideal for 72 Hour Survival Kits, Emergencies, Disaster Relief, Camping, Hiking. These safe and convenient pre-measured 4.227 fl Oz/125 ml. metalized sachets are easy to dispense and easy to store. Unlike bottled water which must be rotated and replaced every 6 months, these water packets last for years! S.O.S emergency water ration pouches can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° F to 230° F. Can be frozen without any adverse effects, and it can also be used as a cold compress. U. S. Coast Guard approved. While you can probably survive for weeks without food, your body can only go for a few days without water. Water is also extremely important to ensure that your mind (your greatest survival tool) continues to work well because even a small degree of dehydration adversely affects your ability to think. While the weight of water mandates that only a small amount can be carried in a personal survival kit. You can store larger quantities of these S.O.S water ration packets in your home or travel survival kits. You should always carry some water pouches with you in your car, truck, boat or RV, because you may not have time to procure it (even where it is generally available) in an emergency for medical or other uses.

The advantage of pre-packaged water is that it will last for years without replacement. At times of high demand, these S.O.S water pouches may be substituted with a competitor's water pouches of equal or higher value. No need for twice-annual rotation Purified/filtered safe drinking water No need for concern about proper containers being used Single serving eliminates loss Superior tri-laminate packaging extremely durable. May be frozen Meets or exceeds U.S. Coast Guard standards.


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