3 Day Survival Sack Kit

Survival General's 3 Day (72 Hour) Emergency Survival Disaster Bag
Complete List Includes: 
1- Draw String Sack/Pack- Dimensions 16.5" Length by 13.5" Width. When the bag is filled with the supplies there is still room for your extra extra clothes and personal gear. You can even use this bag as an emergency water bucket to transport water or as a distress flag signal. Has a front zipper for quick access. Draw Strings also act as shoulder straps to help transport bag. Colors- Red, Black, Neon Green and Orange- Color can be chosen at checkout. If you want a specific color bag let us know.  
1- 3600 Survival Food- Includes 9 bars for 3 days, brand and style varies.
6- Survival Water Packets brand and style varies.
1-3 LED Dynamo Flashlight- Built-in Squeeze Dynamo For Recharging. No Batteries Required
1- 16-in-1 Multi-Functional Knife- Knife Blade, Wood/Rope Saw, Hook Disgorger, Fish Scaler, Can Opener, Scissors, Bottle Opener, Slotted Screwdriver, Tent Reamer, Nail File ,Nail Cleaner, Cork Screw, Sturdy Reamer, Phillips Screwdriver, Toothpick and Tweezers
1- P-38 Can Opener-Can also be used as a flat head, Phillips, and knife
1- 7 Strands 7"-9" 5-in-1 Paracord Bracelet

This Paracord Features:

  1. Flint / Fire Starter: this helps start fires, which allows you to stay warm, cook your food, filter water, help keep away large animals, and create a smoke signal for day or fire signal night to help be found
  2. Scraper: Can be removed from the paracord bracelet. Use with the flint to create sparks to help start a fire. Can also be used as a makeshift cutter.
  3. Compass: to help you find your direction. Oil in the compass can be used to help start fires.
  4. Whistle: Used for signaling help and to scare animals away
  5. Paracord- This paracord bracelet is made of approx. 10’ of military 550 type 7 strand paracord. You can use the paracord to help create shelter, secure and tie things down. The 7 inner strands can be used for sewing, creating snares, help start fires, and fishing line 
1- First Aid Kit (Brand and style varies)
1- Emergency Blanket 52" x 82"
1- Poncho 61" x 65" (Color varies) 
1- 12 hour 6" Light Sticks (Green or yellow color) 
1- Safety Whistle (Color varies)
1- 20 Piece Waterproof Matches. Includes Waterproof Container w/ Striker
2- Candles
1- Pack of Tissue (Color varies)
1- Hand Sanitizer (Color and brand varies)
2- Varies Size Plastic Reclosable Plastic Bags-To keep stuff dry
(Needs to be assembled- When you receive the item all you have to do is put all the supplies into the sack)
This is great for home, car, and office survival kits. 
Must be 18 Years of Age to Purchase.