Ultimate Tin Can Survival Kit 2.0

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Ultimate Tin Can Survival Kit 2.0

The "Ultimate Basic Kit" has what you need to help your chance of survival!!! This kit will help you complete the absolute basics of survival: water, food, and shelter/fire.


Using this tin kit provides you with the tools to start a fire to stay warm, cook your food, build a shelter, obtain drinkable water, catch small game (provide food), go fishing, navigate, 1st Aid, light for the dark, sew, open a can, write a note, protect yourself and signal for help.

Ultimate Basic Kit

Contains over 40 Plus Items!!!


1-Tin Can 3.9" by 2.5"- use as a reflective mirror to signal for help and to cook your food.

1-Razor Blade w/ Sleeve- multi-purpose tool

1-P38 Shelby Can Opener- open cans, use as a knife, Phillips and Flathead screw driver.

1-Fire Striker-Striker to start a spark and can be used to cut things. Striker has a black coat to help prevent corrosion. Once black coat is removed you will have plenty of sparks!

1-5- 11-in-1 Multi Tool w/ Sheath-(1) Saw Blade,(2) Butterfly Screw Wrench,(3) Can Opener,(4) Knife Edge,(5) Bottle Cap Opener,(6) Slotted Screwdriver,(7) Ruler,(8) 4 Position Wrench,(9) Direction Ancillary Wrench,(10) 2 Position Wrench,(11) Key-chain Hole

1-Glow Stick Approx.12hr- Help navigate at night and to signal at night

2-Safety Pins - Use as hooks, traps, 1st aid, and sewing

1-Large Needle- Sewing, 1st aid and for setting traps


1-Small Reusable Bag for Fishing Kit- use to hold things. Waterproofs whatever it holds.

1-Fly Hook(Each fly hook will vary by color)-Fishing

3-Assorted Size Hooks-Fishing

4-Split Shots-Fishing

1-Swivel Barrel-Fishing

1-Compass -Navigation

2-Water Purification Tablets (One tablet purifies about 5 liters of water)-Provides over 10 liters of drinkable water!!!

1-Index Cards Folded-Use for writing a note, or to help start fires

1-Wood Lead Pencil- For writing and wood can be used to help start fires

1-(12"x2")- Duct Tape-To fix most anything and everything! First Aid Bandage and to tie things down

1-Butterfly Bandage-1st Aid.

1-Standard Bandage-1st Aid.

1-Large Patch Bandage-1st Aid. Can also be used to help start fires

1-Alcohol Wipe-medical and fire-1st Aid and fire fuel

1-B-Day Candle (Assorted colors)- light and to help start fires

1-Trick B-Day (Assorted colors)-won't blow out!!! Good for light and to help start fires in extreme weather

1-(10') Brass Snare Wire-for making snares to provide you with food. Can be used to help create a shelter and tie things down


2- Weather Matches-Matches for the extreme weather to help start fires

1- Striker for Matches-Striker and Fire Starter

1-Sheet of Foil- Use to make a cup to boil water. Can also be used as a mirror/reflective signal to get help

1-Zip Tie- Use to tie things down

2-Black Bands- This tin kit is loaded with tons of stuff. The Black Bands help to secure the tin kit. Also used as fire fuel

2-Q-Tips w/ Petroleum in plastic bag- Great fire fuel!

1-Cardboard Flat Bobbin- Can be used as a fishing bobbin and as fire fuel

1-(36') Military OD Thread- The "everything" thread!!! Super super strong!!! Use for fishing, to make a shelter, snares, to tie things down. The best thread ever!!! This is the 550 paracord of threads!

2- Paper Clips- Multi Purpose item. can also be used as a key ring

1-Wooden Toothpick-for snares and fire fuel

1-Straw-for water

2-Nails- Multi-tool item. Use as a knife and for your traps

1- Reclosable 2"x4" Bag 2mm Thickness- Waterproofs whatever you put in the bag and can also be used to transport fresh water

1-(12") Electrical Tape to Waterproof Tin- Waterproof your tin kin by wrapping around the tin. Can also be used as bandage and to start fires



This "Ultimate Basic Kit" has what you need to help enhance your chance of survival! Tools herein help to provide Water, Food, and Shelter/Fire! 


Disclaimer: This tin kit in itself cannot and will not "guarantee" your chance of survival.  You are responsible for yourself. As with most things, proper knowledge is essential to enhance your chance of survival. 


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