Case Pack of 16 SOPAKCO Individually Sealed Meals Reduced Sodium MRE's

Brand Sopakco- Low Sodium 

Inspection Date 10/21 

USA Made

Includes: Entrée, Desert or Snack, Cracker or Bread, Jelly, Plastic Utensil, Heaters, and some Condiments. See photos for details 

See photos for various content. Contents are not the same and vary. 

Possible Meals (Chosen at Random). 
Penn with Vegetable 
Cheese Tortellini 
Spaghetti with Meat
Beef Ravioli 
Vegetable Lasagna 
Chili and Mac

You will receive a case of 16 complete meals total. The box may have some damage due to storage. All contents are good to go. 

No sales outside the US.