4 Pack Sweet Sesame Sticks MRE Camping Hiking Survival Emergency Disaster Snack

This listing is for FOUR (4) Packs MRE Sweet Sesame Sticks Snack

Undoubtedly, one of the best MRE snacks EVER! A "sweet & sour" boost of awesomeness. We did not detect any "heat" even with the habanero flavoring.


  • Individual 1.8 oz packages
  • 280 calories per pouch for lots of energy
  • No refrigeration required

MRE retort pouches are extremely durable and easy to store

MREs are packaged and designed to provide energy and nutrition for on-the-go situations, which makes MREs an excellent choice for emergency food kits. 

They can also be enjoyed while camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking, picnicking, or traveling.

These shelf-stable ready-to-eat snacks are perfect for your emergency and survival supplies and disaster preparedness planning.

No sales outside of the US.